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Transformational change is now a necessity, not a choice. Yet it is still hard, and both sectors are wrestling with their own difficult, complex challenges as they embark on their transformation journey. LOGIC Consulting has been cultivating expertise, in the entirety of the MENA region in the public sector consulting, and fully comprehends markets’ needs.

Government and public sector transformation initiatives alike make early progress but slowly slip back into their old ways of working. The hardest challenge for any corporate transforming itself is how to unlock the hidden value trapped in its organization. This strategic question is facing all local giants. We aim to help those companies build the muscle they need to yield rapid and sustainable business improvement.

It’s time to future-proof the organization’s risks to ensure and sustain success.

Public Sector Consulting – the Corporate Strategy Triangle

LOGIC Consulting helps CEOs in their corporate-wide transformation through “The Corporate Strategy Triangle”; which articulates the three elements of corporate strategy. By showing executives the need to view the major strategic elements; resources, businesses, and organizations as one interconnected system while aligning them all together to produce corporate advantage.

Front 1:  Competitive  Advantage

The resources of any company determine both its boundaries and possibilities by defining the various business activities/industries that a company might compete in, as well as the competitive strategy it will adopt in each.

At the corporate level, competitive advantage can be achieved through the configuration of multi-business activities while considering both similar and complementary resources.

Front 2: Coordination

In coordinating an existing portfolio of businesses, LOGIC helps executives how to break the solo mindset to ensure that information flows freely between all departments and across different businesses. If some of your businesses are lagging behind their competitors while others are far more profitable with a strong market position, and to realize that working in silos can no longer be an option.

Front 3: Control

The parent company has a great influence over its subsidiaries’ decisions, the resources owned by them, and the multiple interdependencies between their different business units. LOGIC consulting ensures that the gains made in the coordination phase are actually being implemented, and this is where control comes.

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