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Explore, Connect, And Grow

LOGIC Consulting CEO Club offers a prime hub of CEOs of different industries and allows CEOs to explore, connect, grow, and have VIP access to national and international business expeditions in today’s most prominent business scenes in the world.

Our CEOs run businesses of several industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Financial Services, Automotive, Real Estate, Education, Agriculture, Technical Solutions, and more.

Get Connected and have exclusive access to our signature networking events, where you can exchange ideas, integrate businesses, and share skills, and experiences. Have the exposure you deserve, leveraging the power of local and global businesses, executives, insights, relationships, collaboration, and future opportunities. Tap a worldwide network of top events, conferences, visits, and business communities locally and internationally in the most elite experiences with VIP access.

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CEO Club

LOGIC Consulting CEO Club Offers A Prime Hub Of CEOs Of Different Industries And Allows CEOs To Explore, Connect, And Grow.

Over 45 Active Members

+ 45

Become a Member: Our membership begins in January, valid for 1 year

Today, LOGIC CEO Club has over 45 active members all consisting of CEOs who wish to improve the quality and profitability of their enterprises. Members have diverse backgrounds and are leading well-established organizations in several industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Banking, Automotive, Real Estate, Education, Agriculture, Technical Solutions, and more.

Club Activities & Benefits

Regional & International Expeditions

LOGIC CEO Club arranges business trips for interested club members to regional and international corporates where they can benefit from:
  • Exposure to international corporations with different business practices and corporate structures.
  • Receiving a full business orientation while exploring their facilities.

Development Workshops

Logic organizes several executive workshops throughout the year aiming at helping executives reaching their full potential.
Our workshops feature local, national and global business experts who focus on enhancing executives’ knowledge on the latest management and leadership.
Topics including:
  • The Transformative CEO.
  • Digital Transformation.
  • Governance of Family Businesses.

Brain Power

LOGIC organizes brainstorming sessions, which represent the most valuable professional experience.
During these sessions, members can:
  • Bring their challenges to the table.
  • Learn from each other’s insights and experiences.
  • Brainstorm together to come up with innovative solutions.
  • Arrange an annual twinning setup.

Keynote Speakers, Networking & Socialization
Socialize, Learn & Share
LOGIC CEO Club organizes a Business Gathering with a distinguished business leader at its premises featuring one or more professional keynote speakers. This event is open exclusively to our CEO Club members where they can:
• Discuss topics of interest to them on current business and economic trends.
• Network with esteemed members in the business community setup.
Social Activities
As part of our networking efforts, LOGIC CEO Club also brings the time to enjoy each other’s company regardless of the destination.
• Tapping a Worldwide Network.
• Fostering a strong and solid bond among its members.
• Encouraging collaboration opportunities..

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WTO Gold Card Free Membership

Partnering with the UK-based prestigious entities, LOGIC grants our CEO members access to WTO GOLD CARD FREE MEMBERSHIP, based on first-come-first-served basis.

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