LOGIC Sustainability Index (LSI)

The Guide to Business Sustainability

With the right business index, world industries and markets can be used as tools to harness more sustainable policies to drastically alter your organization with business sustainability.
Nevertheless, the notion of business sustainability is complex.

But is “sustainable” attainable?

Putting in regards that the notion of business sustainability is complex, LOGIC Sustainability Index (LSI) measures the sustainability of your organization for different businesses in different industries across different markets. LOGIC Consulting assigned 19 local and international experts to capitalize long local and multinational corporate experience to capture the best practices in various areas covered by the 6 management pillars.


Monitoring Sustainability Progress


The experts tailor questions and have critically ensured that they cover the important aspects of their relevant areas. The combination of their collective efforts resulted in the formation of the LSI tool.

The tool is also designed to generate results quantitatively to ensure statistical representation supported by insights and commentaries followed by a statistical presentation for each Pillar’s Sustainability Index separately.

LOGIC Consulting team, with the Department Head and the CEO design a workshop to generate action plans for the segment of each pillar, identifying KPIs and Ownership.
Following the assessment, LOGIC Consulting team applies one of three following routes:

where clients’ challenges are resolved through the design and implementation of one of the Practices mentioned above.

where clients’ challenges are resolved through the implementation of 2 of the Practices mentioned above.

where clients’ challenges are resolved by combining the three practices into a holistic approach that instills multiple elements of sustainability through the implementation of the different practices’ modules.

Think LOGIC… Think Sustainability

Attempting sustainability initiatives, without measuring and monitoring their progress, is effort in vain. LOGIC Consulting has a firm belief in the importance of Business Sustainability; The LSI is a process that is worth integrating as one of the critical processes of the company that is conducted on an annual basis. An annual LSI conduction identifies tangible progress that the organization has achieved year over year and identifies further gaps in-line with the organization’s revised annual budgets and strategies.