With the changing landscape of the real-estate industry, many of the local developers and other within the MENA region are falling behind. Real estate developers currently face roadblocks on both external and internal fronts, but the industry has managed to emerge as one of the country’s most attractive investment opportunities.
Considering the current real-estate challenges, LOGIC Consulting runs up-to-date to help navigate developers through the changing dynamics of the Real Estate economy and market whilst managing and mitigating risks.
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Case Study: Engineering and Construction Industry

Corporate Governance Project

  • Inactive Governance Structure.
  • Undocumented Strategy and strategic initiatives.
  • Informal Budget/business planning process.
  • Lack of essential business functions like HR.
  • Lack of a formal Executive Committee and a large span of control to the CEO.

To transform the company to a well-governed organization that could compete at the international level, and decentralize the decision-making mechanism to ensure business sustainability.

  • The company now has a new and active board and a documented strategy for the coming three years with all departments aligned on it.
  • The company issued its annual budget that was built on an actual business plan.
  • Hired an HR director and developed an action plan with clear KPIs to follow in 2018.
  • Structure of the C-1 level and activated the ExCom which meets on a monthly basis to discuss strategic initiatives processes.

Case Study: Engineering and Construction Industry

Corporate & Family Governance Project

  • Centralized decision making.
  • Lack of an external and independent view of the company’s strategy.
  • Lack of leadership team & periodical reporting.
  • Lack of alignment amongst family members on the tight link between the business and the family and how both affect each other in the longer term.

To transform the company to a governed organization with instilled governance practices, and allowed separation of ownership from management and ensure business sustainability through the design and implementation of governance practices supervised by a professional board of directors. While the business objective was very critical to the founder, the family relations that are linked to the business, and maintaining a family legacy through the business came at same level of importance, hence designing the company’s Family Constitution also came as a priority.

  • The family company was enabled with a fully customized governance code that allows it to activate the Board of Directors with the nominated independent members at any time.
  • The governance code shall serve as a reference to ensure clarity of authorities between shareholders and all other stakeholders, charters outlining the board responsibilities and accountabilities, and a control environment structure that ensures proper reporting and continuous improvement process.
  • Similarly the Family Constitution shall serve as the book of reference to the family members whenever any sensitive matters occur that may affect the business or the family relations as it will provide include a solution to the arising challenge.

Case Study: Engineering and Construction Industry

Organization Development & Transformation Project

  • Lack of organization structure aligned with strategy across 3 business units.
  • Centralization of decision making process.
  • Lack of performance management system.
  • Lack of proper HR infrastructure.

To create a performance-driven organization by introducing and instilling HRM practices.

  • The company started applying a competency-based recruitment system that ensures hiring the right candidates.
  • The company adjusted its salary structure introducing competitive salaries to allow attracting highly qualified calibers and retain talent.
  • The company automated the PMS that instilled a performance-driven culture.

Case Study: Real Estate Industry

Corporate Governance Project

  • Weak Governance Structure.
  • Inexistence of a qualified leadership team.
  • Lack of governance practices in the Board of Directors.

To transform the company to a well governed organization to reach its ambitious growth goals.

  • The company now has a fully-fledged Board of Directors including independent members.
  • An operating ExCom – all fully trained (via ECM).
  • Action Plans for Governance related tasks as well as operational tasks for all dept heads – with clear KPIs.
  • Full C-1 team onboard – with all heads having undergone full Governance training.