The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry is currently undergoing major change regarding volatile swings in pricings, market segmentation, consumer behaviors, and increased competition.
LOGIC Consulting helps retail and supply companies around the world tackle these challenges by developing state-of-the-art business models, technologies and data to harness today’s innovative solutions and skyrocket the potential of your business.
LOGIC Consulting team brings diverse and deep experience to every Consumer Products Business engagement with staggering cost-efficiency to your organization.
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Case Study: Retail Industry


  • The primary objective of this engagement is to design a business and financial model for the company that counteract and bypass the repercussions of these trends.
  • The secondary objective is to provide a clear strategic direction for the future of the company through the creation of a detailed business strategy encompassing all 4 business units.
  • Develop a business strategy to protect existing customer base against aggressive competition and expand into new markets with a consolidated and synergistic portfolio.
  • Developed the company’s 2.0 strategy that helped achieve the owner’s strategic objectives.
  • Cascaded strategy led to the implementation of strategic initiatives and surpassing their best-case scenario performance.
  • The Marketing team had a clear strategy and plan that supports them in achieving their objectives.
  • Company valuation surpassed initial valuation conducted during assignment after consistent financial performance growth.

Case Study: Retail Industry

Corporate Governance Project

  • Lack of a Governance Structure.
  • Complete integration between Ownership and management.
  • Inexistent Board of Directors.
  • Absence of a leadership team.

To transform the company into a well-governed and institutionalized organization for the purpose of business sustainability.

  • The company now has an established and dedicated Board of Directors including independents, all with extensive experience in their respective fields, adding value to the brand.
  • A fully trained and operating ExCom.
  • Action Plans for Governance related tasks as well as operational tasks for all dept heads – with clear KPIs.
  • Most of the leadership team is onboarded and has been trained on the importance of Corporate Governance for their organization’s sustainability and their contribution to that.