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Corporate Consulting Companies Essentials

LOGIC has acquired vast expertise working with Conglomerates and Large Corporations giving LOGIC the necessary knowledge to shape strategies that drive the full economic potential creating value, optimizing the portfolio, and utilizing synergies.

Business Strategies: What Makes LOGIC Different?

LOGIC Consulting works hand in hand with clients in Business Strategy implementation, whether the company’s strategy requires financial restructuring, acquiring another player, or divesting a running business. LOGIC’s 3D methodology delivers everything from a full corporate health check to defining corporate objectives to M&A support, producing comprehensive solutions for defining and setting implementable strategies.

LOGIC Consulting Tailored Solutions

LOGIC delivers world-class solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs through mapping the organization’s resources and comparing them to the markets’ resources and customers’ needs. Attaining optimized financial impact whilst maintaining smooth operations with minimal disruption in your organization. LOGIC approach to Strategy formulation through a 3-day Boot Camp model involves the client’s management team in strategy formulation as part of LOGIC capacity building and knowledge transfer. This enables our clients to institutionalize the strategy formulation process and have an established method to independently use it in the future to ensure a sustainable journey of developing the Organizational strategy.

Think LOGIC… Think Sustainability

A company’s ambition defines the extent to which it’s willing to undergo development. LOGIC Consulting does not only assist our clients in articulating their ambitions into a clear mission, vision, and core values but also sustains its outcome of a solid strategic foundation and a strategic direction integrating a corporate strategic direction with a vivid scenario planning.

Business Unit Strategy

Your Business Development Consultant

As the leading business development consultant in today’s market, LOGIC Consulting goes through in-depth analyses, and a series of strategic questions to achieve operational efficiency and leverage the synergies of their shared resources toward a centric customer experience.

Creating and Sustaining Change

LOGIC believes that understanding the external businesses’ environment entails fathoming different markets and businesses; Only then can we narrow down our clients’ strategic choices that fit their company and its portfolio, ensuring competitive edge creation and optimization to achieve maximum value creation and ideal growth. LOGIC will transform this understanding into a Strategic Direction, Initiatives & SMART Objectives with a detailed action plan.

Strategic Planning & Cascading

LOGIC linking strategy to performance

Strategy execution starts from proper organizational hierarchy cascading. Companies that sustainably achieve outstanding results have to devotedly produce robust business plans and cascade their strategy into defined objectives, measures, and initiatives. Linking strategy to performance, LOGIC Consulting helps our clients realize outstanding results. We start with a top-down approach to cascading strategies, then validate bottom-up when building KPIs, measures, and initiatives.

Additionally, we help our clients make sound financial decisions and plan their operations through comprehensive business plans, budget projections, and feasibility studies. Before initiating strategy execution, the company strategy must be cascaded throughout the organization’s key levels. LOGIC Consulting ensures that objectives and measures follow the SMART framework and are aligned with the company’s vision.

How LOGIC Makes a Difference

LOGIC Consulting supports clients in Strategy roll-out by establishing a Strategy Management Office (SMO) that acts as a custodian of the strategy, and annual master plan, reporting directly to the CEO. Our consulting team designs a dashboard for dynamic reporting, and the SMO supports department heads by facilitating strategic initiative implementation when needed.
This approach’s fruitful outcomes include Functional Strategies that include cascading the strategy to departmental levels, compiling functional strategies and KPIs in one repository, the SMO Office supervising and ensuring smooth implementation, and Quarterly Reviews that present actual performance against the baseline.

Market Studies

Unparalleled Market Studies

A company’s ability to grow domestically and internationally hinges on the depth of its market insights and how quickly it harnesses those insights to its benefit. Our market studies are known for their intricate influences on consumer behavior and deep analysis of market characteristics and trends, all responsible for determining the essential growth sources for an organization. LOGIC Consulting’s market study service covers a comprehensive market overview encompassing supply and demand forces that shape a potential market gap or source of growth that’s yet to be conquered.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Consumer Behavior Analysis, in turn, complements approaches that stem solely from market gap analysis, giving an organization the full picture. LOGIC’s approach to market gap analysis is logical and data-driven, which accurately pinpoints opportunities to seize consumer and producer surpluses. Our inimitable consumer behavior analysis helps our clients understand purchase intent and perception, how the buying decision is made, and how they look for a product. The analysis also gives an optimal idea of what, where, when, how, and why consumers decide on a product or a service.

LOGIC Consulting has extensive experience in insights analyses on market research and drawing out business implications. We fully understand the local complexities of executing tailored research that directly impacts future strategies, product planning, and marketing efforts.

Economic Study

LOGIC Consulting economic studies analyze current and emerging economic issues. We focus on topic areas ranging from ideas on how to achieve broad-based economic growth to devising strategies on how to strengthen the labor market. On the firm level, we also carry out specialized studies to assess an organization’s current position in a specific sector and the potential for growth within a determined period against the competition.

We can synthesize unstructured scarce data with benchmarking methodologies and information from a large network of key informants and experts. On a micro-level, we use various analyses such as customer segmentation, geographic segmentation, sales potential, pricing comparison, growth prospects, and market sizing.

Market Landscape

LOGIC Consulting has a thorough understanding of the industry trends, demand shifts, and gaps that needs to be addressed in the market. Based on this, LOGIC provides an analysis of the competitive landscape of the market that assesses the market consolidation level or goes into the competitors’ behaviors and core competencies.

Cascading strategy

Cascading strategy is the process of disseminating your business’s overarching strategy all through the organization and developing supporting strategies across the enterprise’s complete value chain of operations to assure implementation.

This is the process of disseminating a business unit plan to individuals who will be responsible for putting the strategy into action. You should also have a consulting strategy cascading up to allow top executives inside a company to assist in the creation and implementation of strategic opportunities, as well as the mitigation and management of threats and risks.

There are three stages to deploying a cascade process:

  1. Discovery: In this phase, you’ll learn about the value of cascading objectives in your company.
  2. Alignment: The real alignment meeting is step two, during which members of the leadership team review findings from the discovery phase and identify and prioritize strategic prospects for change. The strategy cascade framework is created during this step.
  3. Execution: In this step, you’ll want to concentrate on communicating your plan to employees and ensuring that it reaches everyone in the company.

Commercial & Operational Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence

LOGIC Consulting helps private equities and investment companies assess the commercial value of target companies.
LOGIC Consulting works in a fast-paced business world to understand the positioning of your organization’s products or services in comparison to their competition.

LOGIC Consulting develops financial statements and compares them to the ones developed by our client.

LOGIC Consulting determines whether the business plan set by your organization is achievable or not, and it also determines its upsides and downsides.

Operational Due Diligence

LOGIC Consulting works in a dynamic atmosphere to map the operations of your organization alongside the value chain of the company: sourcing, manufacturing, and more.
LOGIC Consulting analyzes the data and develops recommendations that could affect the value of the target set by your organization positively or negatively.

Business Planning

Meticulous Planning

To establish any successful organization, a solid business plan that’s inclusive of comprehensive macroeconomic conditions, industry analyses, competitive landscape, and simulated financial performance is needed. As part of LOGIC business consulting services, we offer business plans development for either new businesses or existing businesses that seek expansion.

We capitalize on our expertise in a massive number of industries and on our strong research capabilities to study the market of interest thoroughly.
We also translate the raw data into numbers using industry analyses to develop financial projects which are then used to assess the organization based on metrics such as NPV, and IRR and carry out several sensitivity analyses.

Business Model Development

We firstly start with a thorough industry study in its corresponding market to define the industry trends, growth rate, and customer demand shifts. After this, we develop a value chain analysis to determine the key success factors of each step of the chain.

The market analysis extends to answer questions about the market size, different consumer segments, and consumer behavior and examines the competitive landscape, and benchmarks competitors’ operating strategies and best practices.

Having studied and completely fathomed the market, we work on developing the business model by deciding on its key elements including but not limited to: the value proposition, key activities, key resources, cost structure, and revenue streams. The last part of the business plan is running the numbers and compiling all the data collected before cumulatively projecting the cash flow of the organization by running several scenarios to include base, best and worst-case scenarios.

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