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Have You Ever Hired A Great Employee In An Unfit Place That Lead To Poor Performance?
Do You Want To Be Able To Objectively Assess Existing Employees And Potential Candidates?

What Is Talent Management and How Does It Work?

Attracting and keeping high-quality employees, improving their skills, and constantly encouraging them to enhance their efficiency are all part of talent management.
The main goal of talent management is to develop a motivated workforce that will stay with your company for a long time. The specifics of how to accomplish this will deviate from one company to another.
A number of elements and sub-processes fall under the category of talent management, and they must all work together to ensure the organization’s success. Analyzing the right talent gaps for the present and future, identifying appropriate key talent and top qualified, attracting them to the organization, and then optimizing their existing skills and strengths while assisting them in their growth are all touchpoints that are equally important. They endorse each other, and if one sub-process went out of sync, the entire structure would fall apart.

LOGIC Egypt Talent Management

To ensure that your team stays the best in the market, LOGIC Egypt provides premium BPS Certified Occupational Ability and Personality course, Aptitude tests, and Saville Consulting Wave questionnaires in merely 4 days.
After the course, you will be fully trained to administer, interpret and give feedback on our assessments so you can professionally use these tools within the workplace.

The Test User

Occupational Ability (Level A)

Occupational Ability (Level A) course takes 2 days and confers eligibility to BPS certification, accrediting you to use our extensive portfolio of aptitude tests.
Following the Occupational Ability 2 days course (Level A), delegates will be able to:

  • Gain Immediate Access To Over 90 Individual Saville Consulting Aptitude Tests.
  • Run Professional Supervised Testing Sessions.
  • Profile The Job Requirements And Choose Suitable Assessments.
  • Interpret Assessments And Provide Quality Feedback.
  • Ensure Fair And Lawful Selection Processes.
  • Predict Job Success And Performance.
  • Integrate Assessments With Wider Processes.
  • Evaluate Tests In Terms Of Their Reliability And Validity.
  • Demonstrate The Business Value Of Tests.

Occupational Personality (Level B)

Occupational Personality (Level B) takes 2 days and confers eligibility to the BPS certificate, accrediting you to apply our innovative suite of Saville Consulting Wave questionnaires.
Following the Occupational Personality 2 days course (Level B), delegates will be able to:

  • Gain Immediate Access To The Saville Consulting Wave Questionnaires
    Professional Styles and Focus Styles as well as the full range of output reports available from these questionnaires.
  • Apply Practical Skills To Work Through Case Studies In Selection, Development, And Organizational Analysis.
  • Interpret And Give Quality Feedback On Saville Consulting Wave Styles.
  • Delve Deeper With Unique Features
  • Motive and Talent ‘splits’, Normative and Ipsative ‘splits’, and Facet Ranges.
  • Apply The Saville Consulting Wave Model Integrating Behaviors, Motivation, Talent, Competency Potential, And Culture Fit.
  • Evaluate Questionnaires In Terms Of Their Reliability And Validity.

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Platform Tools Description

  • Aptitude Assessment
  • Wave® Personality Questionnaires
  • Strengths Reports
  • Wave® Performance 360

Why LOGIC Talent Management?

The concept of talent management was originally introduced to draw the attention of HR professionals to the smallest population within their organizations who have the greatest impact. This derives from the traditional evidence-based bell curve illustrated by the graph below. Talents not only need tailored and fast-paced development; they also demand careful and highly flexible recruitment and retention strategies. In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business world, Talent Management is no anymore a “nice to have”. Rather it became an imperative; a “must-have”.

Regional Challenges

Talent challenges in the Middle East

  1. Human capital issues have been, and still are, relatively neglected.
  2. The focus is still on functional training, the rigidity of job descriptions, and ignoring the need to align recruiting and training to the strategic objectives of the business.
  3. Career advancement should be linked to potential contributions instead of focusing on seniority.
  4. Talent management is not yet considered an integral aspect of business strategy.

Effective utilization of talent is essential in creating jobs in society, especially considering that economic development programs were not generally successful to produce tangible improvement in the well-being of the people in the region.



  1. The top performing 1% of executives.
  2. The top 10% of high performers, whatever their role or level.
  3. A mix of executives with potential for board-level appointments, and high-potential individuals who are identified as leaders of tomorrow.
  4. Newly appointed graduates progressing to top leadership positions.
  5. All employees should be included in talent management activities.

An organization needs to develop its definition.


  1. Business Strategy
  2. Human Capital Strategy
  3. Talent Results
  4. Business Results

Assessing & Planning – Acquiring Talents – Developing Talents – Deploying Talents – Motivating Talents – Engaging Talents – Growing Talents.

Grow revenue by penetrating North African Countries and addressing new market segments in the local market.

  • How capable is my leadership team? Do they have leadership and entrepreneurial thinking skills?
  • Do I have enough people to support the new strategy?
  • For the regional markets, shall I hire locals or reassign current employees?
  • Will our HR budget be focused on the best people involved in these strategic objectives?
  • Shall I find my Talent postgraduate studies? Shall I introduce a fast-track program?
  • Which point of salary shall I match within both markets, local and regional?


On-Line Tools for Successful Talent Management


Improve Quality of Hire

Pinpoints the drivers for success, identify the right people for the right roles, and maximize talent acquisition metrics

Clients use Wave reports for:

  1. Defining success
  2. Shortlisting Candidates
  3. Experienced Hires
  4. evolved Recruitment


Maximize Talent Effectiveness

Identify potential, develop performance, create agile teams and improve workplace productivity

Clients use Wave reports for:

  • Talent Audits
  • Onboarding
  • Individual Capability
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Performance Development
  • Engagement & Retention


Transform Leadership Effectiveness

Identify, select and develop leaders who will create the most positive impact on your organization and accelerate exceptional results

  • Leadership Selection
  • Leadership Development
  • Identifying Leadership Risk
  • Identifying Entrepreneurs

How Well Can Assessment Tell?

Performance predictability model

Research indicates a higher predictability of performance when a combination of objective assessment measures is applied.

LOGIC Consulting Offers Virtual Assessment & Development Centers At Discount During The COVID19

VirtualAC™ best solution during COVID-19 pandemic

  • VirtualAC™ simulates an online desktop environment, enabling you to remotely deliver highly immersive and interactive business simulation exercises to select and develop your staff.
  • Using VirtualAC, candidates will be asked to respond to information and issues presented in a variety of formats, such as emails, video messages, voicemails, calendar items, documents, and organization charts. Using the simulated online desktop, participants can be asked to respond to emails, write documents or reports, and schedule meetings in their calendar.

Why use VirtualAC?

Convenient, flexible, and all online – We have a range of exercises that can take place at the candidate’s convenience and in any location where an internet connection is available, giving you a fast process with global consistency. Candidates and assessors can be in different locations or even a different country.

Giving you choice – You can deliver a range of business simulations through our highly flexible platform. Ask the participant to complete an inbox exercise, an analysis report, or a full virtual Assessment Centre that incorporates several different activities.