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Organizational Development & HR Consultancy

Why is Organizational Development Consultancy is mandatory to your organization? and What makes LOGIC Consulting different from any other firms?

With the ever-changing local and international market dynamics and constant challenges faced, organizations strive to stay ahead of changes and to oversee the criticality of having a solid and effective organizational structure that helps them attain their objectives. LOGIC Consulting has acquired extensive experience over the years in organization structure & design exercises, in multiple industries at different organization sizes across different markets to tailor the most efficient solutions for your organization.

Such exercises ensure that the departmentalization process, and how the core and the support functions are designed and represented on the organogram, are executed in an optimal manner to ideally serve the business strategy.

LOGIC Organizational Development Structure


Workforce Performance and Outcome

LOGIC organizational development structure revolutionizes your workforce’s performance and outcome through an initially optimized initial structure. The organization chart also illustrates fundamental Human Capital elements such as job titles, job families, career paths, and reporting lines hence ensuring effective and efficient organizational dynamics.

LOGIC Consulting bases its organization structure and design on best practices for similar organizations, the organization’s strategic directions, the organization’s current and planned leadership and operational capabilities, and its industry’s value chain analysis.


LOGIC organizational development structure helps you through numerous workshops, one-to-one interviews, and desk research activities, LOGIC Consulting team analyzes current status, identifies areas of improvement, and design an optimized structure that ensures business and people operational efficiencies.

Acknowledging the challenges and worries occurring during organization redesign exercises, LOGIC Consulting team prepares the company’s placement plan where existing staff is placed into their new or changed positions based on set criteria and supports management in handling arising worries through effective communication and change management initiatives.

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LOGIC Organizational Development Implementations

Organizations are facing a lot of challenges today. They need to be able to adapt and adjust their strategies according to the market needs and this is where organizational development comes in, and this is why we are here to help.

HRM systems

HR Consultancy & Competency Framework

HR consultancy and how it contributes to the development of your organization. LOGIC Consulting has a solid belief that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. Building upon said belief, LOGIC fully integrates its competency framework in all HR systems to ensure the objective evaluation of people’s behaviors, qualifications, knowledge, talents, and skills by professional assessors.

With extensive expertise in designing competency-based HR functions, LOGIC fathoms what people do and how they do it is of utter importance, hence LOGIC Consulting tightly integrate its customized competency-based HR system with all the matrices and systems that are related to the employers such as performance management, recruitment and selection, training and development, talent management, and succession planning. The competency framework is based on a quantitative and qualitative approach to facilitate the generation of people-related analytics for a fair and objective decision-making process of all HR transactions: promotions, development, reward, succession, reallocation, and others.

Performance management

What You Cannot Measure, You Cannot Manage

Based on one of the fundamental principles of Management by Peter Drucker, performance evaluation is the main challenge for most organizations. Ensuring the utmost performance is consistently delivered amongst the motivated workforce is not an easy task, and organizations’ concerns can be mostly summed up in questions like what to measure? How to measure, especially orienting intangible objectives? How to ensure objectivity and avoid human bias? How to link payment to performance? How to link performance to development? LOGIC Consulting founded its customized performance evaluation systems based on two pillars: “The What” indicating the individual’s SMART objectives, and “The How” indicating the individual’s behavioral competencies represented while achieving their objectives. The implementation of said pillars includes the management process’ policies and procedures write-up, illustrating the criteria that link the individual’s actual performance with their development needs, and other criteria linking the achieved individual performance rating with their annual salary increase percentage.

Our Organizational Development & Management Consulting Team In Action

To ensure the effective implementation of the Performance Management system, LOGIC Consulting conducts workshops to train eligible managers on how to develop SMART individual objectives, and how to conduct effective appraisal sessions that lie in providing constructive feedback on both the achieved objectives, the demonstrated behavioral competencies, and recommending development initiatives. When the scope of an assignment includes a “strategy cascading exercise”, the business management consulting team supports management in developing individual objectives, identifying measures, baselines, and measuring tools. To support the management’s decision-making process in people-related transactions, LOGIC Consulting designs an individual performance consolidation sheet for data entry of the total population’s actual performance results including average objectives achievement percentage, and competencies average percentage.

Policies and procedures

HR Consultancy

To ensure standardization in their implementation, HR consultancy department at LOGIC Consulting customizes HR policies and procedures that support people’s wellbeing and enhance employer satisfaction and retention, all in synergy with the organization’s needs and objectives. LOGIC Consulting tightly integrates the organization’s respective country’s labor laws with the custom-designed HR policies to ensure total compliance and avoid any legal liability.

LOGIC Consulting databank includes a list of the frequently used policies required for HR operations. By conducting 1-2-1 meetings and workshops with relevant stakeholders, LOGIC Consulting ensures that the business needs and policies write-up are aligned with the company and industry specifics. The entire process is supported by clear, documented procedures to ensure standardization.

HR implementation

Our Organizational Development Experts

Our Organizational Development experts in LOGIC Egypt have solid hands-on experience in HR Management’s infrastructure design and implementation. Acknowledging the challenges organizations face, LOGIC Consulting adopts a capacity-building approach that ensures full knowledge transfer from the consulting team to the company’s HR team regarding all aspects of the HR modules and effective means of implementation.

HR implementation projects are long-term engagements. The LOGIC Consulting team acts as the HR Manager of the organization throughout the tenure of the project. The team dedicates the first phase of the project to creating core HR modules, while the rest of the project is concerned with both the remaining design work and the actual HR operations. HR operations include:

  • Organization structure placements
  • Alteration management initiatives, to decrease placement anxieties
  • Manpower planning
  • Recruitment and onboarding activities
  • Compensation and benefits market studies
  • Payroll Rollout
  • Training needs assessment
  • Development plan implementation

Gradual implementation is key to reaching competitive points within the market. All modules are supported by periodical reports and people analytics, to help management with their decision-making process.

LOGIC Consulting team oversees the work of the personnel function to ensure the effective and comprehensive implementation of the HR operations, and to ensure that it is fully compliant with the stipulated labor laws.

Culture transformation

Organizational Development Culture Inventory

Managing company culture is the most pivotal challenge facing organizational leaders. On one end of the scale, managers can create cultures that provide competitive advantages for their organizations.

On the other end of the scale, the managers, possibly unknowingly, can promote cultures that drive their companies out of business. But is your organization’s culture an asset or a liability? Acknowledging that an organization’s culture is the foundation of the values and behaviors that contribute to the organization’s working environment, LOGIC Consulting certified experts use the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI): the most widely used and thoroughly researched tool for measuring organizational culture in the world.

Developed by Drs. Robert A. Cooke and J. Clayton Lafferty, the OCI provide an assessment of the Current Operating Culture in terms of the behaviors that are required from the employee to ‘fit in and meet expectations within their organization.

The “Ideal Culture” represents the culture that derives and accelerates the long-term effectiveness of the organization. The results are presented together in a comprehensive feedback report that tells the story of how an organization’s culture really works, and where disconnections occur.

Roadmap For Change

Based on the gap assessment, LOGIC Consulting devises a roadmap for cultural transformation to drive a healthy prevalent culture including setting goals, measuring KPIs, and having continuous feedback loops to ensure culture development strategies are on track.

Our edge in said assignments is our blended technique that not only depends on a methodical approach but also considers a deep understanding of the humanistic side of individuals. Our technique also manages the possible arising concerns that are attributed to change and ensures obtaining peoples’ buy-in to the transformation journey.