Transformative Sustainability Solution

Are you able to unlock your organization’s full growth potentials?
Is the lack of proper governance systems affecting decision making process or the organization’s control environment or maybe your level of involvement in strategic matters rather than operational matters?
Is your strategy Still valid? does it require an update to accommodate the new market challenges?

Integrating most of LOGIC Consulting services, the Transformation Solution ensures all designed and implemented modules are well synchronized and tightly integrated in the company’s strategy, structure, processes and governance practices. To further ensure the sustainability of the work done and a smooth phase-out of the consulting team, LOGIC adopts a “capacity-building approach” in each implemented module.

Transformation projects are initiated by conducting a thorough diagnose that scans all internal and external aspects of the business, upon which the establishment of the company’s strategy, governance systems, board of directors and a fully aligned organizational structure are designed and synchronized. To seamlessly integrate such efforts in the organization, people-related systems and matrices are put-in-place, hence performance management, reward management, and development strategies are designed to ensure a performance-driven organization that caters to the needs of the transformed organization.

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LOGIC Consulting Transformation Solution Streams

Integrated and implemented in six Streams

The Transformation Solution is integrated and implemented in the 6 following Streams:

Sustainability Assessment
LOGIC Consulting team will conduct a Sustainability Assessment exercise to evaluate the entirety of the infrastructural systems across all organizational areas to generate the organization’s Sustainability Index along with the needed action plans. The Sustainability Assessment covers the 6 Management Pillars that are Corporate Governance, Strategy & Organization, Business Planning and Budgeting, Support functions, Commercial function, and the Company’s Operations focused on product or services.
Strategy Exercise
To initially gain a deeper understanding of the organization and its market, LOGIC Consulting strategy starts with an assessment phase followed by a formulation of the mission, vision, goals of the organization that are built on its core values. The full strategy includes themes that are represented in a set of objectives, turning the strategy into a tangible action plan. The SMART objectives include customer-centric experience, operational excellence, regional expansion, and more, and have measures, initiatives, and targets associated.
LOGIC team adopts a capacity-building approach that equips the client’s leadership team with the right tools to be able to express the strategic initiatives amongst the action plan with clear accountabilities, budgets, and timeline. This stream starts by setting the outcomes of the first stream with its sustainability assessment exercise, its quantitative internal assessment exercises identifying the gaps to bridge and strengths to harness, making the approved strategy attainable. The assessment exercise usually covers 3 to 5 years of the organization’s performance and analyzes sales and financial trends, portfolio structure, employees, and strategies.
Meanwhile, the external environment is studied to identify all possible growth opportunities. The assessment covers the market dynamics: supply and demand trends, market size, competitive landscapes, and more to identify the nature of each opportunity and its critical success factors. Upon extracting tangible results, the LOGIC Consulting team matches said results with the internal assessment to build an opportunity-capability matrix that helps determine the best strategic direction for organizations. The opportunity-capability matrix is then grouped into strategic themes and objectives. These SMART objectives include customer-centric experience, operational excellence, regional expansion, having associated measures, initiatives, targets, and more.
Corporate Governance
LOGIC Egypt’s Corporate Governance Upon finalization of the above-mentioned foundational work, the consulting team starts setting the governance systems and practices that ensure effective relations amongst all stakeholders: Shareholders, Board of Directors, Executive teams, employees, and external parties. This stream starts by the board formation, followed by board composition based on the business requirements based on the previous streams. The Governance Experts nominate Board Members, activate board meetings to ensure effective board proceedings; This is done through enabling proceedings with a documented strategy and all required board documentation including board agenda, qualified board secretary, a full board reporting deck for decision support, an established audit committee, risk policy, and risk register. The board will then apply healthy pressure on the organization to ensure the following organization aspects are fulfilled through the upcoming 3 streams.
Conceptual Structure
Based on the previous streams’, LOGIC Consulting designs Organization Structure through an effective departmentalization process, departments and sub-departments’ charters, proper positions’ leveling and titles, and job descriptions for leadership and key positions. The Organizational Structure paves the ways for an effective Executive Committee formation exercise, where LOGIC supports company management with identifying the most fit individuals for the ExCom seats, whether through existing personnel or referrals and builds their capacity through experiential learning approaches.
One Year Business Plan And Budget
With the previously set business strategy established, managed by an Executive Committee, and enabled with proper training and tools, LOGIC Consulting team will facilitate the generation of a 1-year Business Plan and its corresponding budget. This process will be executed closely with the involved teams to build upon their capacity to develop a financial model with different business scenarios.
The financial model is built on a set of assumptions which provides the organization with the ability to study the financial sensitivity of each assumption. It is of crucial importance to reflect the base case scenario in a budget breakdown that carefully addresses all the detailed budget items including revenue, COGS, OPEX, CAPEX, profitability, and more. The essential function of this exercise is more about developing a budgeting process rather than the budget document itself.
By having a clear budgeting process with its related policies and procedures, we ensure that the organization will have a sustainable tool that will enable it to execute and enhance the exercise over time.
Key Business Processes
This stream serves as a cohesive agent to all the previous 5 streams. LOGIC Consulting’s team identifies the core business processes that ensure the smooth implementation and operations of the designed transformation solution by identifying the processes that are most critical to its success. The processes are designed the process as per the approved organizational structure, whilst also ensuring a clear authority matrix and decision-making process that is integrated within each process. Processes essential to said success includes but is not limited to the budgeting process, business development process, strategy setting and cascading process, procurement and purchasing process, risk management process, ExCom process, talent identification process, and more.