Strategy Consulting Firms In Egypt

In the current scenario, there is a demand for strategy consulting firms in Egypt. This is due to the fact that the country is currently facing many challenges in various sectors. These challenges are often caused by a lack of effective strategies and plans which are being implemented by government agencies and companies.

Strategy consulting firms are the ones that provide strategic advice to corporations on the best way to execute a particular business strategy. They can help you identify a better way of managing your business without losing your competitive edge and grow your revenue, profits, and market share.

Why Is It Important For Your Business To Hire Strategy Consulting Firms

There are many strategy consulting firms out there. They offer a variety of services to help companies develop their strategy. First, you need to understand the role of strategic consultants, their job is foremost to help business owners and senior management quickly make decisions about their company’s future. The long-term effects of these decisions should be considered as well.

A professional business strategy consultant can help you develop a more strategic business plan for your company and thereby ensure that the firm achieves its objectives. Don’t be stuck in a traditional business plan. A well-structured, strategic business plan will help you gain more success and help you avoid falling into the trap of making mistakes.

Firms offering strategy consulting services are a huge time saver for businesses and they can significantly reduce the amount of time you need to reach your goal. Not only are they saving your time, but also the service they provide can help improve your business processes and systems and strengthen your employees’ skills. Strategy consulting companies have the knowledge and expertise to assist with any current or new project. You can find a wide range of services provided by them, including; Migration consulting – these companies offer migration services to make sure you are working with an upgraded version of your software instead of the one you originally designed. They will help you migrate your data between systems.

Several more duties and tasks are part of a strategy consulting firm, including data collection through heavy research, surveys, and interviews, data analysis based on facts, offering suggestions, and thereupon advising the management and hypothesis-testing. Afterward comes the execution part where consultants begin executing action plans and implementing these plans within the organization.

To better understand how a strategy consulting firm works, here is an example.

A company’s business plan is to save money on the cost of production and to increase productivity. The company has decided to close the plant and move production overseas. While this decision may be a good one, it also means that they are losing out on potential customers who will be forced to find another supplier of goods and services. In order to avoid such situations, they need an effective way of handling this issue. This is when you need to hire a strategy consulting firm.


Strategy Consulting Firms Differences

It’s helpful to form an idea of how exactly you want to benefit from a strategy consulting firm by understanding the differences and types of consulting firms. Here are the main four categories of consulting firms: strategy, implementation, industry specialists, and function specialists

The industry is split between firms that do nothing but strategy consulting (pure-play) and others that offer strategy consulting alongside other consulting. The three multinational strategy consulting pure-play firms in the world (the big three): are Mckinsey & co., Bain & co., and Boston Consulting Group. We at LOGIC consulting provide strategy consulting with customized offerings suitable for your business.

We have been providing strategic consulting services for organizations in different industries like manufacturing, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Agricultural, Real-Estate, Construction, and more… for more than 24 years now and have seen our work pays off. We implement strategies that make sense for your business, with the local expertise and dedication of our team.

We have a team of dedicated consultants who are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies. We have a deep understanding of the local market and its challenges. We are able to provide you with the best advice. We are here to help your business grow and succeed in this ever-changing world. Our goal is to achieve success for our clients and make a difference in the world.

Having a Career in a Strategy Consulting Firm Requirements

Strategy consultants are not only experts in their field but they have the ability to understand any industry or business, they need to be able to project their expertise and experience to the client, and to have a career in a strategy consulting firm you need the following

Analytical skills

The ability to filter and produce highly relevant information, and to make decisions with limited time and more information.

People skills

Working in the field of consultancy requires a lot of human interaction because it’s an industry that mainly focuses on the client and dealing with the issues they’re facing. You will need to learn how to be persuasive in a professional manner when needed.


Persuading business owners can be hard sometimes, you’ll need to learn how to be flexible even though you’re the expert. because no matter how much you know, there will always be more for you to learn over time.

Time management

Consultants ensure that your strategy is sanctioned by the team and secured within a specific timeline.

Who Needs To Hire Strategy Consulting Firms?

Strategy consulting firms are hired by all types of businesses, no matter what your industry is, you can benefit from hiring a business strategy consultant, especially if you are discouraged about your business or organization’s rate of growth.

bringing in a second opinion can help a leader take better action towards his organization or business, especially if he is feeling that his organization is not moving in the right direction. Strategy consulting firms can be a neutral point of view for your business problems.