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We can help you with talent management, a strategic process that involves attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals. Our focus is on creating a motivated workforce that will stay with your company for the long term. 

LOGIC Talent Solutions specializes in talent management, offering a comprehensive range of services aimed at attracting, assessing, and developing high-quality employees. Our programs are designed to optimize workforce performance and ensure long-term employee retention.


Talent management encompasses various elements and sub-processes that work together to develop a motivated and skilled workforce. Our approach focuses on identifying talent gaps, identifying key talent and top performers, attracting them to your organization, and optimizing their existing skills while fostering their growth.

By implementing effective talent management strategies, you can attract and retain high-quality employees, ultimately enhancing organizational success.

Developed its Talent Solutions and Assessment arm in 2012, and in 2022, LOGIC Talent Solutions became a stand-alone company.

LOGIC Talent Solutions serves a diversified client base of over 200 private, governmental, and civil society organizations in Egypt and the region. LOGIC has offices in Cairo & Riyadh.

We provide premium BPS Certified Occupational Ability and Personality courses, Aptitude tests, and Saville Consulting Wave questionnaires. These programs are conducted over a period of just 4 days, equipping participants with the necessary skills to effectively administer, interpret, and provide feedback on our assessments.

At our organization, we take pride in serving a diverse range of clients in the field of talent management.

Our clients come from various industries and sectors, each with their unique needs and goals. We value the trust and partnership we have established with our clients, and we are committed to delivering exceptional talent management solutions to meet their requirements.

In today's highly competitive and rapidly changing business world,

talent management is no longer a "nice to have," but rather a "must have." Talent management involves a diverse portfolio of tools for different objectives, backed up by decades of experience in HR practices.

Hire Talent

Improve the quality of hiring decisions, and avoid bad hires. Using a range of rekiable assessment tools, curated to fit the level of the vacancy, and even the specific role

Develop Talent

From HIPO selection to development. A variety of tools to identify talents at different levels. Co-Designed custom HIPO development programs to fast track your identified talents

Build Leadership Successors

Succession planning is the name of the game. Create a pipeline of successors for critical roles. from building the framework, to identifying the right role-fit successors.

Increasing performance predictability is vital for reducing the costs associated with poor hiring decisions.

At LOGIC Egypt, we assist our clients in selecting the appropriate tools to assess aptitude and personality at each level, while considering crucial factors such as time and budget.

How Well Can Assessments Predict Performance?

Research consistently demonstrates that a higher level of performance predictability is achieved when a combination of objective assessment measures is used.

By utilizing multiple objective assessments, organizations can obtain more accurate predictions of future performance.

Performance Predictability Model:

Research shows that High Potential employees require different developmental programs to realize their potential for the organization and to retain them by keeping them engaged and motivated.

Building talents starts with identifying talents to be considered as High Potentials (HiPos), but certainly does not stop there. To ensure that the right candidates are picked away from subjectivity and biases, we use reliable tools that consider the competency framework and the level of the organization. Assessing performance and potential also ensures that we can accurately identify their individual development needs. We use these findings to craft developmental solutions leveraging the latest learning methodologies and theories that work best with HiPos. We work with international partners to curate courses in different disciplines to build their profiles for future roles.

Our consulting background helps us understand the current situation and create a talent program that works for each company’s unique needs.

Contact our team to discuss how we can support your talent programs.

With a rapidly changing market, leaders and talent mobility are higher than ever before. Having a clear and actionable succession plan is no longer a luxury.

To build a successful succession plan, we work with clients to build the succession framework first, then identify talents and develop them accordingly. Building the framework entails activities such as:

Once the framework is in place, we use assessment tools to identify the right successors and the developmental program to increase their readiness for their potential future roles. This includes assessing employees' competency quotient (CQ), domain quotient (DQ), and emotional quotient (EQ) skills to accelerate their professional growth.

Build Internal Capabilities

Adopting HR best practices is a journey for any HR team.

We work with our clients to build their internal capabilities over time to reach the right balance between internal and external services in talent solutions. This balance is different from one company to another based on the maturity of the organization, its systems, and its people. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to HR capabilities and assessment tools:

HR Capabilities:

Assessment Tools:

Supplying the organization with self-serve assessment tools to improve the speed and efficiency of applying assessments.

Horizontal sliders:

LOGIC Talent Solutions offers a range of services to support talent decisions, delivering analytics, recommendations, and results in different formats to support qualitative and quantitative data

The following tools are available:

LOGIC Consulting's talent management services are designed to develop a motivated and skilled workforce.

The company offers assessments and training programs to help organizations identify talent gaps, attract high-quality employees, and optimize their existing skills while fostering their growth.

LOGIC Talent Solutions uses different consulting methodologies, tools, and techniques to maximize knowledge retention levels.

The company’s services are designed to help organizations achieve their talent management goals and drive organizational success.