Offering business consulting services, LOGIC Consulting has a long trail since 1998 in the Middle East in exceptional projects in the public and private sectors.

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More Than Management Consulting

A Word From The Chairman

Consulting skills and Competencies are unique characteristics that can be earned with development, practice and coaching. The ability to engage in consultative and collaborative relationships is required with our business with internal and external clients and partners alike.

Amr N. Osman

Excelling in more than Strategy, Organizational development, and Corporate Governance and Transformation, LOGIC Consulting is more than mere management consulting

LOGIC Consulting offers immense expertise, ever-expanding networking opportunities and exposure to its employees. Being the right fit at the right place adds impeccable value to employees.

People and Culture

A Motivating and Attractive Working Environment

Your Partner in Success

As an entity which major organizations consult to create the impeccable work culture for them, LOGIC Consulting has a welcoming and enriching culture that will empower you to excel in what you do.
LOGIC Consulting team is fixated on sustaining success, and we exert all measures to attain it. The career-driven culture and future-oriented minds empower you to move forward.
The future-oriented minds that work in LOGIC are spotlessly balanced between being having a career-driven and spirited lifestyle where our employees are parliament members and athletic medal holders or both.

You don’t work with LOGIC, you work with your partners in success.

Explore Consulting Roles

Business Consulting Roles at LOGIC

We believe that business breakthroughs start with leaders who want to deliver. To unlock your consulting personnel full potentials, each consulting role at LOGIC Consulting tackles multiple professional services amongst different industry. Our people operate in a challenging yet rewarding work environment which offers them various opportunities of growth and sustainability.
LOGIC Consulting offers various career opportunities for talented leaders in our consulting teams.

Excel in LOGIC Consulting Roles.

Explore Corporate Roles

Corporate Roles at LOGIC Egypt

LOGIC Consulting offers various opportunities for talented leaders to support the consulting teams.

LOGIC Consulting corporate roles include but are not limited to jobs in Finance, Marketing, Business Development, HR, and Project Management.

Launch Your Corporate Career at LOGIC

LOGIC Academy

A Developmental Experience

As a consulting firm, the value we deliver to our clients is directly proportional to the quality of our human capital. As such we believe at LOGIC that our main asset as a knowledge company is our people, what they know and how they act.

We have designed and continuously deliver the different colleges of the LOGIC academy to make sure that the whole LOGIC team speaks the same language and have a consistent technical understanding of the services we offer to our clients. We also aim at enriching every individual’s journey with LOGIC and make sure they can truly reach their potential throughout their career with us.

The first step in the learning journey you will be starting when you join the LOGIC team. While we truly believe that being at LOGIC is a continuous learning experience that each member shapes according to their experience and personal goals, College I ensures everyone has the basic knowledge necessary to deliver their work as per LOGIC’s standards but also to have the tools to make the best out their time at LOGIC. College I ensures a common understanding of LOGIC’s service offering and what value we expect to deliver to our clients, what tools you have at your disposal to build a business case and how to deliver a project according to LOGIC’s quality standards.

“On my path to becoming a politician of significance, I have decided to test my analytical skills, business acumen, and problem-solving capacities through a career in management consulting. My journey at LOGIC has enabled me to build my repertoire of experiences and to practice my skills”
Mohamed Resk – Ex-Consultant at LOGIC

Target Audience:

  • Business Analysts,
  • Sr. Business Analysts,
  • Consultants,
  • Sr. Consultants

Duration: 6 Days

Fundamentally, governance aims at maximizing shareholders’ value through governing the relation between Shareholders, Board and ExCom and putting controls in place to mitigate against specific risks related to decision making, such as cases of conflict of interests. Ultimately this discipline exists to ensure in the sustainability of the business.

“The best thing I did for my family is not the company, the money or the business but our Family Constitution and I thank my family for participating in creating it”
Ibrahim Soudan – Chairman of Soudanco

Target Audience:

  • Sr. Consultants, Directors,
  • Sr. Directors

Duration: 3 Days

Strategy starts by the evaluation of the internal capabilities of a company as well as the facts and trends in the market to objectively outline the direction an organization should take. Once a strategic direction is agreed upon, it must be communicated and effectively translated into action in order to steer all the organization’s effort towards this common goal and be able to track the achievement of these stated objectives across the organization.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different”
Michael E. Porter – Harvard Business School Professor

Target Audience:

  • Business Analysts, Sr. Business Analysts,
  • Consultants, Sr. Consultants,
  • Directors (optional),
  • Sr. Directors (optional)

Duration: 5 Days

Organizational Development is commonly defined as the theory & practice that focuses on human capital and how to maximize its effectiveness through certain key systems and processes. At LOGIC our clients are usually at a stage of growth where they need to transition from an organization steered by the subjectivity of individuals to a true institution where professional systems and policies are in place to ensure clear responsibilities and objective decision making. By making this transition, our clients create a catalyst for their employees to reach their true potential and create a solid foundation to their organization’s sustainability.

“An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success”
Shawn Covey

Target Audience:

  • Consultant, Sr. Consultant
  • Director (Optional)
  • Sr.Director (Optional)

Duration: 4 Days

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