LOGIC Consulting team has worked on Agriculture projects in the MENA region, and our regional presence allows us to provide both local knowledge with global scale expertise to address the specific challenges unique to each geographic location.
The intra MENA trade has surpassed US $ 2.5 trillion. How big is your share of the market?
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Case Study: Agriculture Industry

Transformation Project

  • • Founder’s wish to exit the business.
    • Organization growing at a decreasing rate.
    • Cash flow challenges.
    • Operational inefficiencies.
    • High Employee Turn-over.

To transform the organization from a traditional family-run business to a sustainable organization.

  • Establishing 3 lines of business each as an independent cost center and a separate P&L
  • Adopting the new strategy, the company was able to double its revenues
  • The company was able to reduce operational waste within the farms by 50%
  • Active professional Board with a rigorous Audit Committee process ensuring continuous improvement and a solid control environment.
  • The activation of the ExCom ensured the alignment of the executive team on the company’s strategy and direction.
  • The company improved management visibility of the organization’s performance facilitating decision making.