All LOGIC engagements start with an “Organizational Sustainability” assessment exercise, utilizing LOGIC LSI tool (LOGIC Sustainability Index). A tool that scans the organization and provides a thorough view of its current sustainability. A Consulting team with relevant expertise is mobilized to devise relevant solutions, considering the Sustainability Assessment results and the generated action plans. The recommended solution will fall in any of LOGIC practices; (A) Corporate Governance (B) Family Governance, (C) Strategy Consulting,(D) Organization Development (OD) & HR Consulting, (E) Market Studies & Research, and finally (F) the Transformation solution that adopts an approach which covers the whole spectrum of our services.

Think LOGIC…Think Sustainability

What makes LOGIC the right choice for your business is how sustainability is embedded in its philosophy, along with how it has all the tools and expertise to actually make the strategized sustainable success attainable.

Think LOGIC…Think Sustainability

Works alongside its client in both the private and public with a shared vision and dedication to provide innovative solutions, establish tangible sustainable success, and redefine industries.


To exceptionally contribute to the business sustainability of the businesses we partner with, in all geographies whilst curating optimum value for our clients, employees, and community with our how-to expertise.


Our Vision is to be the benchmark for Transformative Solutions that safeguards our clients’ sustainability journey through the implementation of our innovative solutions.


To Excellence, because great is not satisfactory. Achievement, all linked through our clients' success. To Ownership, we are not mere employees; we are partnered to achieve your goals.


LOGIC Consulting has won multiple awards within the region, including the Best Consulting Firm in Egypt award in 2015. LOGIC Consulting was also recognized by the Emirati government for its immense efforts in strategizing the Emirati Identity Authority.

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