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Case Studies

Case Study: Public Governmental Entity – UAE

Strategy and Organizational Development


Having an old strategy and wanting to renew it according to the government mandate.


To conduct a strategy exercise and to establish a strong organization with relevant HR infrastructure.

  • A clear strategy for the Authority with strategic objectives, initiatives, and KPIs
  • A well-cascaded strategy on the departments which allowed for an overall alignment on what needs to be achieved.
  • An effective and efficient HR management systems and processes that cater to talent acquisition, development, and retention.

Case Study: Public Governmental Entity

OD Project

  • Lack of specific ownership for several critical activities.
  • Overstaffed support functions.
  • Some core functions lacking concrete functionality.

To support institutionalize the authority with a complete restructuring exercise.

  • Identified the key bottlenecks causing the core to support ratio to be 50%: 50%.
  • Proposed the focus to be on assessing the authority’s manpower and producing a full-fledged manpower plan.
  • Allowed efficient departmental integration and cooperation within the authority after introducing and adjusting the current departmental structure.
  • Produced new grading and salary structures aimed at attracting and retaining better caliber for the governmental work.

Case Study: Public Governmental Entity - KSA

Rightsizing Project

  • Misunderstanding the workforce structure and demographics within the departments.
  • Potentially redundant jobs scattered among various jobs.
  • Uneven distribution of the workforce causing overstaffing and understaffing in several departments.

To achieve a balance in the various departments and sectors within the ministry by designing a rightsizing tool that would capture and assess the current manpower of the various ministries’ departments and provide a recommendation on the status and the action required.

  • Launched the two surveys that captured the manpower analysis of the entity as well as initial insights on the current workforce demographics.
  • Produced recommendation to the minister on the vast majority of the workforce on the right allocation decision.

Case Study: Government, Public Sector

Mapping and improving the public services in Egypt

  • Map the most demanded public services & build a public services manual listing the findings of the mapping exercise.
  • Build an operating model to sustain a constantly improved public service manual.
  • Improve service provision channels in West Cairo District.
  • Enhance services offered by districts via optimization and automation.
  • A paperback public service manual draft, listing 528 public services in terms of procedures, required documents, time consumed until service delivery, service point, and fees.
  • 10 improved services in West Cairo district rolled out across all districts in Cairo and in the final step of approval by the governor.
  • 2 improved services for the Cemeteries department delivered and in the process of improving more services.
  • Supported in the development of the website as a platform for the PSM.
  • Development of the Operating Model to run the PSM smoothly.