The Middle East remains to this day a power horse of the global oil and gas industry and the region’s dominance and vitality is most likely to continue, currently holding 48% of the world’s current proven oil reserves.
From extracting the full value of existing oil and gas reserves to harnessing the latest technologies in oils and gas amongst other energy sources, LOGIC Consulting develops the right HR Consultancy Strategy along with the right organizational development that suits you, sustaining you with long-term advantages and success with potential acquisitions.
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Case Study: Government and Gas Industry

Organizational Development


To provide organizational design and institutional support for the newly established regulator.

  • Translated the mandate into strategic objectives and developed strategic KPIs for those objectives.
  • Developed the Organization structure for the newly established organization.
  • Developed the HR Infrastructure including Competencies required, Performance Management System, Recruitment System, Grading structure, & Salary Structure.
  • Developed HR policies & procedures required to operationalize the organization, as well as the decision Authority Matrix.