Educational industry players need to expect better outcomes at each educational level. Improvements in quality accompanied by the necessary increases in capacity and capabilities are essential to not only attain, but also sustain success.
An education system needs to be able to respond to the needs of commerce and industry, which is an aspect amongst many others that our management consulting fathoms.
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Case Studies

Case Study: Higher Education (UAE)

Financial Feasibility

  • Tight deadline to produce the business plan and the financial model for the university.
  • High-level oversight of the Egyptian Higher education market with no in-depth analysis or studies.

To evaluate the feasibility of the newly proposed university while studying the higher education market in Egypt to determine the pricing and positioning of the new university as opposed to its peers in the market.

  • Provided the organization with the required key insights and data on the market of higher education in Egypt for them to make an informed investment decision in the field.
  • Built a full-fledged dynamic financial model that encompassed three scenarios and produced the university’s P&L, BS, CF statements as well as produced key financial ratios for the investment decisions like the NPV and IRR based on the input scenarios.
  • Designed the business plan for one of their universities, offering the organization the document that is to be presented to potential investors and experts in the higher education field to support their capital raising quest for the university.

Case Study: Education Sector

Organizational Excellence Strategy

  • The educational entity is seeking a strategic and systematic approach to managing people that would maximize their motivation and contribution towards meeting the educational entity’s objectives. The main themes will be raising operational efficiency, market alignment for pay and benefits, and working towards a lean organization.
  • The educational entity’s organizational development will be undertaken with the target of becoming an efficiently performing organization.
  • Efficient organization structure that supports strategy achievement.
  • Clear roles, responsibilities, and career paths to ensure appropriate career development for all AUC employees.
  • Assessed workload requirements for key prioritized functions to identify AUC’s workload needs.