Egypt (2022)

Advancing Pharmaceutical Operations

Case Background

A leading pharmaceutical company in Egypt experienced rapid growth with technical and commercial expertise. They aimed to capitalize on this momentum to transform their business for long-term sustainability. The rapid growth within the commercial results pressured the organization & systems to cope with that growth. The client required a transformation assignment to rebuild the company's infrastructure in a way that serves and matches growth. Therefore, the company’s five-year strategic growth trajectory was identified and detailed in a business plan. A new structure & operating manual was designed to align with the strategic directions & enable the ERP system activation towards a periodical & accurate business intelligence dashboard.


The company experienced a marked organizational transformation. The identification of market opportunities and the establishment of commercial and operational enablers propelled growth. The newly designed organizational structure, supported by cross-functional process manuals, proved instrumental in this change. Activating a Performance Management System, coupled with a live dashboard, ensured accurate decision-making and increased visibility.

Our Approach

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