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October 20, 2022


COP27... A Defining moment in the fight against climate change

Just a few days left until the kickoff of COP27, and the world's eyes are geared towards Egypt that will be hosting this year's COP with high hopes that the deliberations and discussions will accelerate global efforts to confront the climate crisis.

Hosting COP in Egypt is a huge opportunity to shed the spotlight on the continent and Egypt's increasing demands for financing from developed countries.

But First what is COP ?

The Conference of parties ( COP ) is the decision-making body responsible for monitoring and reviewing the implementation of the united nations framework convention on climate change that is concerned with stabilizing the greenhouse gas concentrations. The COP brings together the 197 nations, named parties, that have signed on to the framework convention.

Where Does Egypt Stand on The Climate Crisis?

According to the world bank, Egypt is responsible only for 0.6% of the global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and ranks 28th on the global list of polluters, refecting Egypt’s low impact on climate change and enviromental degradation.

yet, climate change is posing a significant threat to egypt on multiple fronts:

A. Food Insecurity:

Egypt’s agricultural production might decrease by up to 47% by 2060, raising questions on the strategic crops’ future supply.

B. Water scarcity:

The per capita share of water in Egypt now ranges between 550-560 cubic meters per year, which is slightly above the 500 m3 threshold that defines the ” absolute water scarcity” level.

C. Diminishing Livelihoods:

According to the intergovernmental panel on climate change, Alexandria’s beaches are likely to be flooded by a 0.5-meter dea level rise. Also, 8 million people would be displaced by flooding in Alexandria and the Nile delta if no protective measures are taken.

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