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As organizations grow and mature, they seek to employ best practices in different HR and Talent areas due to their big impact on organizational results. One of the important milestones on this journey is to increase the quality of Talent Decisions such as hiring, Promotion, and Succession. Assessment Centers are an important way to improve these decisions in many ways. Assessment Centers allow for deeper more actionable insights into competencies and potential than conventional methods.  

Depending on your objective, our assessment centers are customized to find the insight you are looking for, whether it’s developmental needs, succession readiness, or everything in between. We realize that assessment is a means to an end, and therefore needs to be framed as a Talent solution. From Design to communication, to designing a developmental solution thereafter.


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Talent management encompasses various elements and sub-processes that work together to develop a motivated and skilled workforce. Our approach focuses on identifying talent gaps, identifying key talent and top performers, attracting them to your organization, and optimizing their existing skills while fostering their growth.

By implementing effective talent management strategies, you can attract and retain high-quality employees, ultimately enhancing organizational success.

Developed its Talent Solutions and Assessment arm in 2012, and in 2022, LOGIC Talent Solutions became a stand-alone company.

LOGIC Talent Solutions serves a diversified client base of over 200 private, governmental, and civil society organizations in Egypt and the region. LOGIC has offices in Cairo & Riyadh.

We provide premium BPS Certified Occupational Ability and Personality courses, Aptitude tests, and Saville Consulting Wave questionnaires. These programs are conducted over a period of just 4 days, equipping participants with the necessary skills to effectively administer, interpret, and provide feedback on our assessments.

At our organization, we take pride in serving a diverse range of clients in the field of talent management.

Our clients come from various industries and sectors, each with their unique needs and goals. We value the trust and partnership we have established with our clients, and we are committed to delivering exceptional talent management solutions to meet their requirements.

Our Solutions

In today's highly competitive and rapidly changing business world,

talent management is no longer a "nice to have," but rather a "must have." Talent management involves a diverse portfolio of tools for different objectives, backed up by decades of experience in HR practices.

Acquire Talent

Improve the quality of hiring decisions, and avoid bad hires. Using a range of reliable assessment tools, curated to fit the level of the vacancy, and even the specific role.

Building Talent

From HIPO selection to development. A variety of tools to identify talents at different levels. Co-Designed custom HIPO development programs to fast track your identified talents.

Build Leadership Successors

Succession planning is the name of the game. Create a pipeline of successors for critical roles. From building the framework, to identifying the right role-fit successors.

Acquire Talent

Increasing performance predictability is vital for reducing the costs associated with poor hiring decisions.

Research shows how this predictability can increase through the use of reliable tools.

Our team designs the right tools for recruitment at each level. Taking into consideration the right competencies, aptitudes, and budget we can invest in hiring assessments vs the cost of a bad hire.

Contact us to discuss how today’s assessment tools can reduce the risk of bad hires.

Building Talent

Developmental Assessment Centers add value in many ways. They grow the ROI of assessments by covering 2 objectives:

a) Identifying the right candidates for different Talent initiatives such as HIPO programs and top talents.
b) Identifying their individual Development areas to support the design of Individual Development Plans.

Our experience and partnerships has allowed for different service components to increase the impact of assessments in this area.

  • Feedback Sessions
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Development Program Design
  • Executive Education

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Build Leadership Successors

Succession Projects are ever more critical in today’s dynamic world business world.
Getting it right calls for important activities before and after the Assessment center which is only one component of this solution.

Our Consulting team supports in:

Our Talent team takes care of the implementation of the solution. Assessing the candidate’s readiness vs the required critical roles, and more importantly offering solutions to bridge the identified gaps to have readier candidates whenever the need arises.

Tell us more about your succession objectives to hear about similar experiences and solution.

Building Internal Capabilities

Our Mission to improve Talent Management practices across the region, compels us to offer solutions to build internal capabilities in the areas of assessment.

This long journey aims to build any organization’s capability in Talent management one step at a time. LOGIC Talent Solutions offers technical trainings, Assessment tools, consulting and advise to help the organization internalize more of the process. From Improving the quality of your interviews all the way to running fully fledged assessment centers.


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LOGIC Consulting's talent management services are designed to develop a motivated and skilled workforce.

The company offers assessments and training programs to help organizations identify talent gaps, attract high-quality employees, and optimize their existing skills while fostering their growth.

LOGIC Talent Solutions uses different consulting methodologies, tools, and techniques to maximize knowledge retention levels.

The company’s services are designed to help organizations achieve their talent management goals and drive organizational success.

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