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Yemen - KSA - Turkey (2019 - 2021)

Transforming a Regional Food & Beverage Trader

Case Background

A family-owned food and beverage trading company in the Yemen market, with 9 subsidiaries and a presence in the KSA/Turkey/India/Pakistan markets, was grappling with weak governance structure, lack of strategic direction, and poor institutionalization. The company aimed to quadruple its revenues and become a regional powerhouse by 2023. The company’s strategic direction was set along with executing initiatives & establishing a new HQ. To support the client further, the consulting team handled the implementation of marketing strategies and tax restructuring for the company and its subsidiaries.


Following through & executing the recommended strategic direction & governance systems led to an increase in the company’s topline by 50% and a 3% upsurge in the bottom line within the first year. The merger of three subsidiaries was executed with their complete HR and marketing functions overhaul, achieving a 7% reduction in COGS.

Our Approach

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  • December 10, 2023


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