Harmony in Family Governance is key to preserving a family's lasting heritage while ensuring business prosperity.

It effectively addresses various challenges, including misalignment among family members on the business mission, confusion about the business purpose and reason of existence, concerns on the Founder’s succession, misalignment on share valuation in the occurrences of family member exit, and inequality in the application of HR policies for family members joining the family business.

The benefits of fostering Family Legacy & Harmony through the development of a Family Constitution are profound. A Family Constitution is considered “A Word of Honor” for family members and serves as a guiding document, reflecting the founders' values and reminding generations of the business's significance in their lives and the community.

It governs the delicate balance between family matters and business, ensuring that one doesn't negatively impact the other. Within the constitution, various chapters cover exit policies, dividends, family employment, health funds, charity, new business ventures, education, family expenditures and many more, all of which are highly sensitive topics that require delicate facilitation to safely reach consensus that accommodates for the different mentalities and points of views and blend the gap between the different generations in the family.

Ultimately, Family Governance aligns family aspirations with the business vision, leveraging conflict resolution mechanisms, to preserve family values. The commitment to the activation of the Family Constitution safeguards the family legacy and promotes a seamless blend between business success and family unity, ensuring both thrive harmoniously for generations to come.

Confidence Driven by Owners

Transforming Governance from Theory to Reality.

Governance that Drives Success

The Governance Blueprint: Structuring Governance for Long-Term Success.

A Legacy that Drives Inspiration

Preserving Unity, Protecting Wealth: Harmonizing Family Aspirations with Business Vision.

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  • November 28, 2023

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